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Reaching out for new life

Who are we?

We are an organization that is established for the soul purpose of improving the quality of life for the poor and vulnerable by supporting them with humanitarian aid and social welfare.

Mission to Orphans / Street Children

We go to the street children and orphans and ensure that they have a good meal. Most of these street children have been neglected by society and that pushes them further away into the kind of life they lead and that means they have to engage in crime or other vices in order to survive.

Education and Training

We support training to vulnerable people in society with the aim of getting them out of the vicious cycle of poverty and empowering them to become productive within the respective communities in which they reside.

Evangel College of Theology (ECT)

We support Theological / Biblical Training to ministers of the gospel for effective ministry.

That the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works

2 Timothy 3:17

Helping Widows

We have special programmes that target widows to ensure that they can afford the basic needs in a sustainable way. Assistance is provided in form of foodstuff, clothes, and cash to enable these vulnerable families have the very essentials they need not just to survive.

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Let’s work together

We welcome any contribution towards the noble goal of touching the many lives .